Saturday lunches with Colette

I recently bought a Big Mac hunger buster meal from McDonald’s, after  not eating there for a few months, and I was reminded why. It wasn’t that the burger tasted bad, it was just that for ‘big’ macs, they were disappointingly tiny, and hardly filled me (a 65kg teen) up. Two big macs, plus drink and fries came up to $13.
I wondered how much could I get for the same price if I made the burgers myself instead.

Joining me for this slightly-over-the-top burger experience, is the one and only Colette T.


Between Colette and I, we spent slightly less than $30 on groceries, which was slightly more than a HB meal each. (I got excited and went over budget)
Without any delay, on to the making of the burgers.

Base: Burger buns + cheese



Layer 1: Beef patty+cheese

For the patty we just used mince beef with salt and pepper. The idea here was to get the cheese melted in between the beef patties. I fried up one side of each patty, and put cheese on the cooked side, then fried up the uncooked ends of the mince.




Layer 2 : Chicken schnitzel

I tried coating the chicken in store-bought coating, but somehow the crumbs didn’t stay on(the oil was not hot enough when I put the chicken in) I guess I was just too impatient. It was pity, but at least it gave the chicken a great flavor, and gave us something to snack on while preparing the meal.

IMG_4760 IMG_4761 IMG_4762



Layer 3: Lamb


I cannot even begin to describe how great this tasted. Seasoned to perfection by Colette.

Layer 4: Tomato, lettuce, ham, salami, pineapple

For every balanced meal, you gotta have them veggies and fruits! 😀  and abit more ham and salami for good measure, because beef, chicken and pork just isn’t enough


 Sauce: Mushroom sauce
~$ 4
Button mushroom, butter, cream

Ahhhh the sauce. About a year back, I googled how to make the best creamy mushroom sauce for a steak. I gave the first link a try, as it looked easy enough. It was just the right amounts of creamy and tasty, just really good all around. I decided to do it again for the burger.

Putting it all together

getting ready to put it all together
getting ready to put it all together


Bottom to top:
Toasted bun
Melted cheese
Beef patty with more cheese
Mushroom sauce
More sauce
MORE SAUCE!!!!!!!!!

Turned out to be 960g, just shy of a kilogram. I remember there being a restaurant back in Kuching where if you finish the 1kg burger in 20 minutes, you get it for free. I’m not sure if they still have that promotion (if they do I’ll be paying them a visit) If they did that in New Zealand, they’ll be out of business in no time. Here, there is a bistro where if you finish 1kg of steak (PURE MEAT!!!) and 3 MASSIVE servings(fries, wedges and salad), all you get is your name on the wall..

Anyway, Colette’s burger, equally big and delicious!





afternoon well spent 🙂


Songs on replay this week!!!
lost stars – adam levine
lazy love – the collective (cover )
bloodsteam – ed sheeran



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